About Us

After starting in 1984, Alpha Investment Casting quickly rose to become a trusted name in the foundry industry. Our reputation for quality was forged by a combination of an exceptionally experienced staff and a continuous investment in the latest technologies. This dynamic blend allows us to boast six-sigma grade process control with very little variation and high repeatability. All this leads to the tightest casting tolerances possible.

Our diverse customer base includes oilfield, control valves, mining, civil applications and safety systems, to name a few. To accommodate such a wide range of industries, we have specialized in hundreds of different alloys including nickel-based alloys, iron based alloys, cobalt based alloys, aluminum-bronze, and aluminum.

To keep up with demand and offer the highest quality services, we recently added: additional acreage for future expansion, the latest robotics technology for capacity increases, and the latest quality control equipment. These features are in addition to our 3D printing capabilities, which further accelerates the speed and reduces the cost of rapid prototyping. Investments like these are just one reason we can boast an ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) certification.

Alpha Investment Casting is the elite name in the industry, where quality and the customer are the top priorities. We take pride in creating a partnership with our customers to reduce part costs by utilizing strategic casting designs with superior quality.