Why Investment Casting?

The investment casting process yields unrivaled quality to other casting methods. At Alpha Investment Casting, we produce hundreds of alloys from the simplest to the most complex designs. Using our casting methods, combined with the design freedom of investment casting, our staff can consistently produce high quality parts with supreme repeatability. When compared to other casting methods or weldments, there is no substitution for investment casting quality.

In many cases, certain machining operations can be eliminated with an efficient casting design.  Our staff can work with customers to eliminate waste or unnecessary operations on new and current designs.

Some specific benefits of investment casting are:

  • Repeatability and Reliability

    ‚ÄčNo other metal forming method provides the repeatability and consistency from part to part.  We utilize the latest technology to eliminate as much human error as possible.  This allows us to be superior in repeatability to others in our industry.
  • Tolerances

As cast tolerances are tighter than other casting methods. 

Standard Investment Casting Tolerances are:

0" to 1":  ± 0.010"

1" to 2":  ± 0.015"

2" to 3":  ± 0.020"

3" to 4":  ± 0.025"

for each additional inch, add 0.005"

In many cases, tighter tolerances can be achieved.

  • Quality

Investment Casting parts are visually more appealing than other casting methods.  Because of the unique process small texts, company logos and other verbiage is easily readable.

A typical as cast surface finish with the investment casting process is 125 micro inches.

  • Tool Life

The tooling we use for our casting process is made from aluminum.  With only our proprietary wax being used on the tooling, the tooling will last for decades with only minor repairs necessary.

  • Design Freedom

When an investment casting design is utilized to its fullest potential, many design features that are traditionally machined can be cast to the part without adding cost.  This allows our customers and our staff to design out cost before a part is ever produced.  Intricate designs, logos, splines, thread profiles, thru holes and blind holes are just of few of the design features that we can cast.

  • Partnership

Let us partner with you.  Our staff is ready to help you decide the best way to produce your designs to the highest quality using the most efficient means possible.